Saturday, September 8, 2007

Put sugaring "trays" out at 8 PM

No moths came to sugar yet (it's 12:35 AM now). Did get a couple of small moths to come to the black light earlier. Conditions seem good (warm, humid, overcast, etc.) but, haven't seen an abundance of moths around tonight. I check the streetlights several times each evening.
Not easy IDing these moths with the Peterson guide. The recently acquired 'A Field Guide to Moths of Eastern North America' by Charles Covell Jr. seems to be the exact same field guide -but at three times the price of the Peterson guide! :(
Must find a good guide in the future. Preferably with images of the moths at rest.
...with red flashlight in hand, I'm off to check the bait "traps"...

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Robert J. "Bob" Nuelle, Jr, said...


A couple of points to help you.
1) The Covell guide is indispensable if you have spread specimens.
2) My suggestion is that you look at the Moth Photographers Group Pages you get a chance to see live shots.

3) Get a more powerful Blacklight Bulb - 40 W or better at least. Blacklight has such a limited throw, and you are probably in a really light polluted area, if you want results use a more powerful Blacklight.

Great BlackLight Bulbs here:

Hope it helps.