Monday, October 22, 2007

Came to sponge with sugar mix

I thought it looked familiar...-Green Cloverworm Moth-Plathypena scabra
Thanks to Bob Patterson!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And on the third night...the sugar was still holding up

Had the ingredients, but didn't have the time to mix up a new batch of sugaring mixture.
So, off I went to see how effective the bait would be on the third night of application.
Within 30 minutes of sunset, a few moths started to arrive.
These are the photos I got (look like more Sallows? I will make further attempts to ID soon).
IDing these moths is not as easy as one would think. Even with the incredible resources available at:
It seems akin to trying to ID songbirds during Fall migration. Or Similar to trying to ID Sparrows AKA "Little brown jobs". Thankfully, there are some great Web sites out there that are a tremendous help. I will continue to put in a modest effort to ID them, but please forgive the fact that most are unidentified.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

1st Time out sugaring along a trail

Sunira bicolorago - Bicolored Sallow

This was my first real sugaring excursion, which took place on Sat. Oct. 13th at Alley Pond Park in Queens, NY. The 1 pint container of sugaring mix was only enough to paint 8X8" patches on about 8 or 9 trees. Moths arrived about 15 minutes after sunset. I couldn't make it back on Sun.
: ( The bait was probably most effective on that night - But, I did return on Mon. evening; to see if baited trees really do retain their attraction up to 3 days. Log entry for Monday's activities will follow this one.

Friday, October 5, 2007

New one enjoying the sugar

Placed one sugaring tray out last night. Checked it pretty frequently, from 7-10 PM. No visitors.

I happened to get up at around 5AM, checked the bait - nothing. In a last ditch effort, I decided to turn the 4 watt Black light on, placed right near the sugar - And, in LESS THAN 10 Min, this guy appeared:

I was only able to get a few shots, through the window - upon opening the window, it took off.

Came to 4W BLB

No ID yet