Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Photo of a Long Eared Owl

As yet, Unidentified Sparrow PBPK

Below is the only pic I got, of what appears to be some type of Sparrow, on 12/29/08. I have not been able to ID it yet. It was photographed at Pelham Bay Park, near Orchard Beach, it was hopping around the ground in a small swampy area, with lots of tangles and vegetation:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hooded Merganser at The New York Botanical Garden

Taken with Bushnell 8x32 InstantReplay Binoculars, with built-in 3MP digital camera.

Striped Skunk In Pelham Bay Park October 2006

Here's a pic of a Striped Skunk that Ron & I came across while birding Pelham Bay Park, on a path not far from the landfill area. I think Raccoons, Skunks, etc. are neat. And when spotted in urban areas, such as around your home or neighborhood they can give you the feeling that there is still hope for urban wildlife. In fact, as I type this (12/28/08 @ 11:45PM) I smell skunk, and my landlord just spotted one in the backyard.

An Owl! Finally! After 3 months of searching...

I wish I could say that I found the Owls all by myself, but I didn't. Great thanks goes to Debbie Becker; for leading me, and the rest of the folks on her Birdwalk right to them. Debbie leads Birdwalks in the New York Botanical Garden on most Saturdays.


Well Debbie located and pointed out both a Female & Male Great Horned Owl to us. It wasn't easy, those Owls really know how to camouflage themselves.

Here is a pic of the Male, taken with 8x Bushnell binoculars with 3 Megapixel built-in camera.
(which explains why the photo quality is soo poor). The image needed to be enlarged, enhanced, etc. I'm still waiting for my film slides to arrive, at which point, I should have some nice photos to upload.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moth season is in full swing-

Well, moth season is here. I've been putting the sugar out, and the occasional 20 watt actinic bulb. Didn't get any moths until last night (Sat. June 28th). The highlight of putting the light in the window was a Catocala moth. Picture is not very good. The sugar is out tonight and I hope to get some good Owlet moths...