Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wildlife recording in an urban environment

I have come to the conclusion, that trying to record night sounds ("singing" insects) or "The dawn chorus" (birds singing at sunrise) is not always successful in an urban area. There are lots of other noises to contend with: various motor vehicles, low-flying passenger planes, and various other very unpleasant sounds. BUT - You can always make ultrasonic recordings. Ultrasonic detectors are not affected by the various noise pollution. Aside from the occasional very low flying jet, there aren't any man-made ultrasounds to contend with. So, you can always record the ultrasonic sounds of bats and certain insects. And, I thank God for that!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ain't he cute? , from back in '07, enjoying the sugar

An old shot (of a Sallow?), taken back in 2007, Alley Pond Park Long Island NY.
During a minor "Sugaring expedition"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Raptors at the Pelham Bay Park Landfill

As mentioned in the last post, Landfill area is a great place to see birds of prey - as evidenced by this shot with 2 raptors captured in the same frame!

Pelham Bay Park

A long-distance shot, a beautiful American Kestrel, with it's morning breakfast - a Vole it just captured. Small rodents are the largest critters that this small Falcon is able to catch.
This was taken at Pelham Bay Park, the bird was hunting in the Landfill area. This is where all the raptors can usually be found: soaring, hunting, and perching.
It is just such a cool and cute bird!

1/2/2009 Out of the back window

Just a Blue Jay, in my backyard.