Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Notes On Bees

Just random notes on Bees -

Bees tend to be attracted to flowers that are blue, purple, and yellow.
Members of the daisy family, Compositae, are good for bees. As are: Cosmos, Zinnia, and Dahlia (single. Again, avoid the double varieties.
Small, shallow flowers such as mustards, valerian, buttercup, goldenrods, asters yarrow (Achillea sp.) and Queen Anne's lace attract a great variety of short-tongued bees and beneficial hover-flies.
Members of the mint family are also attractive to many long-tongued.bees. This includes many herbs such as sage (salvia), oregano, lavender, and mint as well as native plants like Nepeta, and Stachys. Their nectar is the main attractant.

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