Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awesome Book On Bees & Wasps

Just an FYI - This is the next book that I'll be ordering, from NHBS (who happen to have the lowest price)

I'll also be ordering the supplement of Revised Flight Tables for this book:

Even though these books were written, and published in the UK (and I live in the US), they are still excellent reference materials. I believe that even the Flight Tables will be of use, to those of us living in the Northeastern US.

I've enjoyed my copy of 'A Lepidopterist's Handbook' by
for many years now. 
I've had my eye on The Hymenopterist's Handbook for quite a while, and I'm just glad that I've finally gotten around to ordering it! Both were published by The Amateur Entomologists' Society
In fact, many of my favorite books on insects, have been published by them.

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