Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Commercial" Stuff - "Commercializing"

A short post, to cover the topic of "Commercial" Stuff - "Commercializing", etc.

Basically, I never intended to have any Ads at all on any of my blogs. But - An unexpected situation (and opportunity) has presented itself - Something rather unique.
Two of my favorite online shops: Alana Ecology and NHBS, have merged. And, NHBS now offers Bloggers and owners of Websites, the option of adding Links and Ads on their pages - Which allow Bloggers to receive (a small percentage) of any orders placed via their pages.

I've started to place small link buttons in my posts, if I happen to be mentioning a book or product that NHBS has available. So, if you are considering buying something that NHBS carries - Then I would appreciate it, if you would order the item by using the links on my pages. I use the "points earned" to discount my orders with them.

This will be the beginning (and the end) of my involvement with anything "Commercial" or advertising-related. The only reason that I have opted to include Ads on my blogs, is because I am honestly very fond of NHBS, and the unique products that they offer. I believe that they are a very valuable online resource.

Well, I do hope that I've explained it all clearly enough!

(Both naturalist supply houses are now accessible from one Link. In other words, the Alana Ecology site no longer exists; since it's merge with NHBS).

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