Sunday, July 29, 2012

A (seldom seen) Male Leafcutter Bee

Here's a very handsome little fellow! The rarely seen male Leafcutter Bee (genus Megachile). I hardly ever see males of this bee.
Watching him, near the Sweet Pea flowers in the backyard. He would make a short flight, always landing on the exact same spot on the fence; grooming himself. He paused for additional pics (after being released), before flying off...

...Minor enhancements applied.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cute Bee - Eucerini, Most likely Melissodes bimaculata

Eucerini, Most likely Melissodes bimaculata Found nectaring on Sweet Pea flowers. ID'd for me by…KL James Hung at

The bee was released unharmed right after the photo was taken.

Known As A Grass-Carrying Wasp

Isodontia elegans, a species of (Sphex) grass-carrying wasp. ID'd for me by… Hartmut Wisch, of

A very informative link on this species - Isodontia_elegans

Friday, July 13, 2012

Spider Hunting Wasp Makes A Surprise Appearance (June 2012)

I was lucky enough to actually have been visited twice, by the same Hunting Wasp. Below is one video I took. I apologize for the "shakiness". The video clip will be a temporary post, it's really just up here for a Buddy of mine to see. I'll be replacing it, in the near future; with some macro still photos of the wasp.
I haven't seen her around since those two visits. I'm still trying to positively ID it. Some kind of Pompilidae, of course!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

European Wool Carder Bee

I recently discovered that this Solitary Bee (the European Wool Carder Bee) likes to visit the Foxglove flowers. Really cool looking bee.
The pics below, are of a female. Whenever possible, I try to photograph interesting insects while they are going about their business. But, She was going about her pollen/nectar collecting very quickly. There was no way to get any picture, without capturing her (temporarily).
I offered her some refreshment, just before releasing her (as is "the custom" with some Entomologists) in this case, a drop of strawberry jelly. But, she wasn't interested (again, she was kind of "hyper").

The Foxglove is not the ordinary type. It has much thicker stems, and much larger leaves than typical Foxglove.

Yep, three pics...You can tell I like this one!

Leafcutter Bees

Just some pics of the Leafcutter Bees (genus Megachile) visiting the Sweet Pea flowers (in my backyard). It's fun to watch them squeezing their way into the flowers; to collect pollen and nectar.

Baby Katydid Pics - Part II - Growing Larger...

I just happened across another baby Katydid in the garden the other day. This time, on the Mondara flowers...
They are finally displaying some (minor) growth now - See pic below:

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Bee Wolves Are Out

Another recent visitor, to the backyard. They seem to like "hunting" on and around the Butterfly Bush's leaves. This is Philanthus gibbosus, common name: Beewolf. They prey on Halictidae commonly called Sweat Bees.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Of The First Social Wasps Of This Summer

I've got a bunch of new insect photos, from this late Spring/Summer. Unfortunately, I haven't got around to posting them up here until now. So, here are some of the first Yellow Jackets of 2012: Not a Yellow Jacket, as I originally thought; but a European Paper Wasp.
The simple fact, that most Folks would immediately think this was a Yellow Jacket - And it's not - Is rather fascinating to me. This interesting wasp, was ID'd for me, by an Expert (goes by the name HornetBoy).

Info from Wikipedia: "Polistes dominula, sometimes referred to as the European paper wasp, is one of the more common and well-known species of social wasps in Europe. It is considered an invasive species in Canada and the United States. Wikipedia

More pics, of other bugs to follow...