Wednesday, July 4, 2012

European Wool Carder Bee

I recently discovered that this Solitary Bee (the European Wool Carder Bee) likes to visit the Foxglove flowers. Really cool looking bee.
The pics below, are of a female. Whenever possible, I try to photograph interesting insects while they are going about their business. But, She was going about her pollen/nectar collecting very quickly. There was no way to get any picture, without capturing her (temporarily).
I offered her some refreshment, just before releasing her (as is "the custom" with some Entomologists) in this case, a drop of strawberry jelly. But, she wasn't interested (again, she was kind of "hyper").

The Foxglove is not the ordinary type. It has much thicker stems, and much larger leaves than typical Foxglove.

Yep, three pics...You can tell I like this one!

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