Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Very Own "Velvet Ants"! Desert Terrarium Set-Up

I really love Solitary Wasps. When I'm not busy reviewing bat detectors, I'm reading all the antique & vintage books on wasps that I can get my hands on. I only wish I had my very own backyard to explore (whenever the mood strikes me). My Landlord currently allows me to have (limited) access to the backyard.

Well, I'm finally going to be setting-up a desert terrarium with "Velvet Ants"!

It's a long story...But, I've waited over 7 years to do this. I just got the custom Acrylic tank ordered. And Peter at Bugs In CyberSpace, just got in a huge order of Velvet Ants! He has a lot of them available now, at the lowest prices I've ever seen! Others (like "KenTheBugGuy") charge $15 ea. for them! More than twice what Peter charges - For the same species!

Check them out: Velvet Ants now in Stock!

{Yes, they can sting...The solution is simple: Just don't handle them with your hands}

I'm going to need to learn more about raising Cacti...Since I plan to include some.
Yay! ...Pics will be posted, in the future of course!

Finally!  :) 

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